Bees & Wasps

Affordable Bee and Wasp Services for Wesley Chapel and the Greater Tampa Area

Bees and wasps are more than just a seasonal nuisance; many species of wasps such as hornets and yellow jackets can be very dangerous to have on your property.

Unfortunately, their nests can be hard to spot. Call Pest Cemetery at (813) 803-3390 to identify what type of nest you have, whether it’s empty or occupied, and what treatment options you have.

Our Tampa Bay Bee and Wasp Service Includes:

  • Free estimates
  • Bee removal and relocation when possible

How Do You Know If It’s a Bee or a Wasp?

Depending on the species, bees and wasps may be close in size. In other cases, especially for hornets and yellow jackets, wasp species are significantly larger. Bees have round and hairy bodies while wasps have smooth, hard shells and very narrow center waists.

Both bees and wasps build nests. You’re probably already familiar with the waxy, 6-sided structures of honeybee nests. Sometimes, bees will build nests in existing structures like rotting trees or within the walls of your house. Wasps also build similar-structured homes, but these are made out of a gray, paper-like substance. Wasp nests may appear like large, round balls and are frequently built in dark, cool spaces. These can include underneath porches, the eaves of your roof, in grills, doghouses, or even underground in your lawn.

What To Do if you Spot a Nest

If you spot a nest, the first step is to carefully inspect the nest to see if it’s occupied or has been abandoned. An abandoned nest will have tattered or weathered looking walls, open cells, and have no sign of bees or wasps in the area. You may be tempted, especially with abandoned nests, to knock them down yourself. This can be risky because sometimes the nest is more active than you think. Some species, such as hornets, are very aggressive when disturbed. The safest solution is to contact your friendly and experienced Tampa bay-based bee and wasp pest control center – that’s us! Our professionals at Pest Cemetery can safely handle and remove the nest without damaging your home or property.

For more information about your Bee or Wasp problem or to schedule service, contact Pest Cemetery today at (813) 803-3390!

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