Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest and Rodent Control in Tampa Bay and the Surrounding Areas

Your business is a reflection of you, so when there’s a pest infestation, it’s important to stop those pesky critters right in their tracks.

Pest Cemetery is your go-to exterminator for commercial pest control services. Our goal is to keep your community safe from pest infestations and your property safe from damage caused by nesting. We offer services for a variety of commercial properties, from apartments and hotels to retail spaces - we do it all! Our team will define the source of the infestation, seal all points of entry, and we will tailor a plan specified to your property’s needs.

Homes aren’t the only living space pests like to invade. Troublesome pests and rodents can be found in office spaces, restaurants, dealerships, and anywhere a food source can be found. Our crew will take great measures to get rid of the pests you see and prevent new ones from getting in. We have the experience, skills, and tools to take care of any and all pest problems and prevent them from coming back.

Low Impact Pesticides that are Safe for People, Pets, and Products

Some pest control companies think the harsher the chemical, the better the result. At Pest Cemetery, we know that’s not the case. Using harsh pesticides when dealing with pests and rodents may keep the critters away, but can come with some concerns. At Pest Cemetery, we understand the importance of recognizing the health concerns of your residents and employees when exterminating pests and rodents. For this reason, we only use kid and pet-friendly pesticides. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s better for your business!

With our services, we only use products that we would feel comfortable and safe using in our own home. Using these types of pesticides can help reduce the negative impacts on a person’s health, lower the potential for groundwater contamination, and decrease the toxicity for plants. Our low impact pesticides are safe for people and pets, but not for pests and rodents.

We Schedule to Meet Your Schedule

When it comes to a pest invasion, it doesn’t matter if you have a packed schedule, meetings, or a presentation; pests and rodents will invade your space at a moment’s notice. Here at Pest Cemetery, we know time is valuable and your business is your top priority. So, our team and services are available when you are. Whether it’s before, during, or after hours - or even weekends - we can help.

We strive to deliver dependable services that’ll help you maintain a safe and healthy business environment for everyone involved. Whether it’s a pest infestation or a wildlife problem, Pest Cemetery has the knowledge to take care of it all. Our team uses a variation of chemical and non-chemical methods to ensure our services maintain the health and safety of your business and its occupants.

We’re Killin’ It With Our Clients!
If you are looking for pest control services, this is a great company! We just moved to the area and are very pleased with the service we received from Tim and his son! Affordable, very nice, very knowledgeable and on time! Cindy Fawkes
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